Ansdell Primary School

Explore, Endeavour, Embrace, Excel

Welcome to Hillary Class


Hillary Class is taught by Miss C Holman (Mon-Weds) and Mrs L Burgon (Thur-Fri)

They are supported by Mrs H Simmons (Mon-Weds) and Mrs L Bainbridge (Thur-Fri)

Please download our class welcome pack by clicking here



Autumn 1 -  Half Term Highlights

In English the children have enjoyed listening to the story 'Harry the Happy Mouse'. We had fun acting the story out, changing the story and writing our own story using different characters.  In Math's we have worked with numbers up to 10. We have been adding and subtracting and solving real life problems by choosing the correct number operation.  

In Geography we looked at globes and world maps to locate the Artic , Antarctica  and the equator.  We even had the opportunity to talk to Robin (an explorer) via zoom,  who told us so much about Antarctica. In Art we colour mixed shades of blue and made observational drawings of penguins and made a whole  class piece of art called 'The Arctic'. We also looked at the layers of the  'Rainforest' and the animals that lived there. The children enjoyed using watercolours to paint animals. 

Autumn 2 -  Half Term Highlights

In English we have been reading 'Supertato'. We have had fun making our own Supertatoes using a potato. We even made jelly to trap evil pea!! In Math's we have been counting to 20, addition and subtraction within 20 and solving problems. 

We had fun learning all the songs for our Christmas performance 'Baubles'. 

Spring 1 -  Half Term Highlights

In English we have been looking at traditional tales. We read 'Goldilocks' and had fun retelling the story using actions. We then wrote our own stories by changing it slightly. In Math's we have been looking at place value to 50. We have had fun making numbers practically using numicon, straws, coins and base 10. 

In Art we have been looking at portraits. We used charcoal and pastels to draw self portraits of ourselves and we even painted portraits of the royal family using water colours.  In History we have been discussing toys in the past. 

Half Term Highlights - Spring 2

Another busy half Term! This half term we have been reading and writing about Peter Rabbit. The children have enjoyed writing their own Peter Rabbit Tales. We even made Peter Rabbit out of clay. 

In topic we have been learning about 'Plants'. We have been out in the school garden looking for Evergreen and Deciduous trees. We have enjoyed classifying leaves and seeds. We also discussed where different fruits come from and designed and made our own fruit salads. In maths we have been learning about measurement, discussing vocabulary such as length, height, capacity and mass.