Welcome to Year 2 2018/2019

Year 2 is taught by Ms Holman Monday to Thursday and Mrs Lewis on Thursday mornings and Friday.   


They are supported by Mrs Hooke and Mrs Norris

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Welcome to Year 2

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Year Overview 

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Year 2 Letters to parents


Autumn 1  2018

Autumn 2 2018

Year 2


12th November - 16th November 2018 

During this week we have made clay poppies after discussing 'Paul Cummins' famous art work. We also looked at the 'There but not there' art work and created a 'Tommy' of our own. The highlight of this week was finding out about a local hero from Ansdell, 'Richard Cartmell' who served in the First World War. In groups we have made some lovely memorials in honour of his name.

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On Tuesday we had a visit from a First World War soldier. We had a great time pretending to be a soldier. We learned so much in that hour!!

On Monday, the first day of commemorating the centenary of World War 1 we went to Ashton Gardens in St Anne's to look at the cenotaph. We also had a special visit from a local historian, David Hoyle. He told us about what life was like in Ansdell during World War 1.

We had fun on bonfire night. We made chocolate covered apples with Miss Holman, we made pretend sparklers and used them to dance with in Mrs Greenaway's classroom, sang campfire songs with Mrs Wilkinson and toasted marshmallows with Miss Martin and Mrs Mason.

In Math's we have been looking at Mass. We have weighed items to find the mass.

Autumn 1

We have had such a busy first half term. Detective Hooke visited our class as she needed our help to find who ate the porridge left out in our class. We helped her by writing wanted posters and we finally worked out it was 'Goldilocks'. 

Goldilocks visited our class, she was very upset that there were lots of wanted posters around the school. She explained to us why she entered the bears cottage. We asked her to write a sorry letter explaining why she did it and how she would redeem herself. 


We ended our English  topic by writing our own 'traditional tale with a twist'. We based the story on

'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'.  


In Maths we have been looking at place value. We have been saying how many tens and ones/units are in a number. We have been using base ten and hundred squares to add ten more and ten less than a given number. 

We have also been ordering numbers and positioning numbers onto a number line. In mental maths we have been learning our number facts to 20 and our 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. 


In Geography we have been focusing on the local area. We thought about all of the local landmarks in this area, draw them and placed them on a large map. Look out for this map on Parents Evening - you won't miss it!! 

We also walked around Ansdell village taking photographs of the shops. Once back at school we had to work out the order of the shops and glue them to our very very large map! It is so large we are unsure where to place it! 

In art we have been using pencils, chalks and charcoal to draw local landmarks. We are getting good at observational drawings as we are looking for shapes within the picture to help us draw it.


Everyone had a fantastic time at Clitheroe Castle. Please click here to view our visit.


Week Beginning 30th April

Fun at Clitheroe Castle!

Week Beginning 23th April

Fun at Preston Train Station!

Week Beginning 19th March

We have been sewing mad this week! We have had so much fun making finger puppets and hand puppets. We have been joining fabric together by glueing and sewing. we have learned the running stitch and the over stitch. The children showed lots of resilience! Miss Holman and Mrs Hooke showed lots of patience!!! It was fun and the children really did surprise us with their sewing skills.

On Wednesday we had our Spring musical performance. The children impressed their parents by playing 'Hot cross buns' on their recorders. They also showed off their musical instruments which they had made from reclaimed materials.

Happy Easter Holidays!

Week Beginning 12th March

Wow...... what an amazing week we have had! On Tuesday afternoon Brian, Emily and Maureen came into school to talk to us about trains and stations in the past and present. Brian showed us his collection of artefacts and even let us wear and hold them! Thank you Brian.

On Wednesday we visited Ribble Discovery Centre at Fairhaven Lake.  We walked all the way there and around most of the lake. The leader talked to us about migration and discussed the wildlife and the changes the birds go through as we approach Spring. The children were extremely well behavioured, even though we were extremely cold! We came home early due to the windy weather but we will return once the weather is nicer to complete the mud dipping activity.

On Thursday morning Donald Malone came into school for a polar workshop. The children were fascinated. They loved hearing about Donald's adventures on 'bird Island' near the south pole and looking at photos of the animals he saw.  The children enjoyed looking at the different bones of whales, seals, penguins and many more. The workshop ended with some games outside, where they acted out different animal actions and formed a penguin huddle. I was very impressed by the children's knowledge. Thank you Donald for visiting, the children will certainly remember this for many years! 

Polar Workshop with Donald

Ribble Discovery Centre at Fairhaven Lake

Visitors from Accrington Railway Station


The Colour of Home


This week has been book week and we have focused on the book 'The Colour of Home' by Mary Hoffman.  We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Hassan and his journey to England. We are amazed at the wonderful writing produced by all of the children this week.  We have  also designed new front covers and blurbs for the story.

As well as learning about Hassan through his story we  learned all about Somalia. We have located it on a map and where it is within the continent of Africa.  We have compared the climate  and ways of life to living in Ansdell. Imagining that a new pupil from a different country joined our class we thought carefully about what we could do to help them settle in and the information we would share with them. 

In P.E we learned some new dance moves. We focused on the dhaanto, learning some key moves and creating our own sequences. 

We even had time to enjoy the snow and make instruments out of different materials in preparation of our music concert!!!!

Week Beginning 19h February

Welcome back, we hope you have had a lovely half term holiday!  

This week we have started learning about fractions in Maths. The chidren are really beginning to understand fraction of shape and number and they are now applying their knowledge to word problems. We have also started learning about 'Instructions' in English. We have looked at different written instructions and discussed the features that they all have.  Children also worked in groups to read instructions for an outside game. They then had to try and play the game without little support from the staff. Afterwards the children had to say how good the instructions were and explain how they would improve the instructions if they were to write them again. The children also listened to verbal instruction about how to play hopscotch. Again the children had to discuss problems that occured.

In our topic work we have started our Design and Technology topic 'puppets'. We looked at different types of puppets and discussed how the puppets worked, moved and the materials they were made from.

Week Beginning 5th February

This week we have written our own 'Goldilocks' story with a twist. We changed the characters, settings and even the objects that were broken! You will enjoy reading these when you look through our books at parents evening. In Maths we have been looking at 2.D and 3.D shapes. We have been learning the names and the properties of these shapes, such as vertices, edges, faces and even symmetry. Please, please can you continue to discuss this at home.

This week we continued to look at Lowry'artwork. We looked at the matchstalk men and women and the shape of the bodies. We then tried making the shapes using clay.

We have worked really hard again this half term and deserve a relaxing break.


Week Beginning 29th January

Goldilocks visited us on Tuesday morning. She apologised for eating the bear's porridge. She asked us to write letters on her behalf to the bear's explaining why she was so sorry and asking them for forgiveness. We also looked at an alternative version of Goldilocks. After we wrote the story from Goldilocks perspective.

In Maths we have been learning about division. We have been using our times tables to work out how many groups we can make. The children were so good towards the end of the week they were solving mixed division and multiplication problems.

In topic we were looking at objects from the past and comparing them with how they look today and how the

initial invention has been developed over the years. We then had the opportunity to design our own invention. All the designs have been entered into a competition.

Week Beginning 22nd January

We continued to look at Multiplication this week. We have been solving problems and discussing with our partner how we have solved it. In Literacy we have been reading the traditional tale 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children discovered three bowls of porridge in their classroom. We realised that Goldilocks had visited so Detective Hooke asked us to write wanted posters so that we could find her. We also wrote the beginning, middle and ending of the story. In art we continued to learn about 'Lowry'. We looked at the buildings in the paintings and draw our own. We also looked at the matchstick people and used charcoal to draw these too. Finally we cut these out and arranged them and glued them to our background.

Week Beginning 15th January

This week we have been learning about multiplication in Maths. We have been counting in 2's, 3's, 5's, 10's and we have started to learn our 4's. Keep practising these at home. We have also looked at arrays and can use these to solve multiplication problems that use unknown multiplication facts.

We have continued to look at Lowry's work and painted the background for our own Lowry industrial scene.

Week Beginning 8th January

Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and are fully recharged. The year 2 staff are raring to go!

We started this half term learning all about L.S. Lowry.  Ask the children to tell you about his life and to discuss his art work. You will be amazed at how much they know!! We not only studied his paintings but we have also started painting landscapes in the style of Lowry and used pencils to draw the buildings that we would have seen in his art work. Next week we are going to look at the matchstalk men and women and try to create our own.


In Maths we have been learning about money. Children have made amounts using the fewest aount of coins but have also been making different values in various ways. We have also  been finding totals and giving change.


The highlight of the week was our visit to 'The Lowry' in Salford. The children absoloutely loved seeing Lowry's actual paintings. The children enjoyed making pencil drawings of his work, while walking around the gallery. Paul, who led the workshop was amazing, he was very knowledgable. The children were a credit to the school as they behaved so well. At the end of the day we even managed to walk to the park next door to the Lowry Gallery to admire the Blue Peter garden. The garden seems so much bigger on T.V!


Photos to follow.......

Week Beginning 20th November

This week we have been learning about subtraction in Maths. We have used base ten to help us subtract the ones and tens. We have even started to exchange!

In English we have started writing a non-chronological report about Fairhaven Lake. We have even included a glossary and index!

In topic we have been looking at local History. We have compared photographs of Fairhaven Lake and Ansdell High Street, then and now.

In ICT we have started to use microsoft word. The children have been experimenting with font size, style and colour.

                               Week Beginning 13th November


In RE we have been investigating what gifts are for.

Can you guess what we are trying to express? ...patience/kindness/excited/joyful/thankful/surprise.


 This week in Literacy  we have been looking at non-chronological reports and discussing the features. We have been looking at      non-fiction texts and answering questions that we had thought of. Next week week we are going to start writing our own Non-chronological texts about Fairhaven lake.

In Maths we have been adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers from 2 digit numbers using base ten and jottings. Ask your child to explain. Next week we are going to subtract numbers when we have to swap the tens for ones. That is when the fun will really  begin!!

This week has been anti- bullying week. This topic is regularly discussed and is an area that at Ansdell we take very seriously. The children have enjoyed listening to a debate about bullying on 'Newsround' and sharing their views.

Today the children have enjoyed coming into school with wacky hair, raising money for children in need. The children had so much fun and I think the teachers secretly did too!!

Week Beginning 6th November

We hope you had a lovely half term.

Our first week back was busy. On Monday afternoon the fire service came in and told us how to get out of our house safely in the event of a fire. All the children were fascinated and by all accounts went home ensuring a fire plan was in place!

On Wednsday afternoon we walked to Fairhaven Lake to look at the amenities available but to also map out the play park. We had a lovely time and all children were very well behaved. A credit to the school and to their parents!