Welcome to Year 2 2017/2018

Year 2 is taught by Ms Holman Monday to Thursday and Mrs Rangeley on  Friday.   


They are supported by Mrs Hooke and Mrs Norris

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Welcome Pack

Nativity 2017 

Parents Year 2 Sats Meeting 

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Everyone had a fantastic time at Clitheroe Castle. Please click here to view our visit.

.Week Beginning 21st May 


The week started off with a bang! Mark and his mate came in from Manchester Giants to tell us all about Basket Ball. The children listened well and asked them lots of interesting questions. During the week the children participated in many sports, such as, rounders, mile a day, basketball, parachute, dance and not forgetting 'sports day'. They even had to design a poster promoting Health and Fitness. The winner will be announced after Half Term.

In their down time they made a clay mini beast and painted it. I think you'll agree - they look fab!

Week Beginning 14th May

We worked so hard this week on our quizzes! Miss Holman was so proud of everybody. In the afternoon we looked at Monet's art work and tried to create his 'Water Lilies' painting ourselves using pastels and paint.We had so much fun and got very messy!!


Week Beginning 30th April

Fun at Clitheroe Castle!

Week Beginning 23th April

Fun at Preston Train Station!

Week Beginning 19th March

We have been sewing mad this week! We have had so much fun making finger puppets and hand puppets. We have been joining fabric together by glueing and sewing. we have learned the running stitch and the over stitch. The children showed lots of resilience! Miss Holman and Mrs Hooke showed lots of patience!!! It was fun and the children really did surprise us with their sewing skills.

On Wednesday we had our Spring musical performance. The children impressed their parents by playing 'Hot cross buns' on their recorders. They also showed off their musical instruments which they had made from reclaimed materials.

Happy Easter Holidays!

Week Beginning 12th March

Wow...... what an amazing week we have had! On Tuesday afternoon Brian, Emily and Maureen came into school to talk to us about trains and stations in the past and present. Brian showed us his collection of artefacts and even let us wear and hold them! Thank you Brian.

On Wednesday we visited Ribble Discovery Centre at Fairhaven Lake.  We walked all the way there and around most of the lake. The leader talked to us about migration and discussed the wildlife and the changes the birds go through as we approach Spring. The children were extremely well behavioured, even though we were extremely cold! We came home early due to the windy weather but we will return once the weather is nicer to complete the mud dipping activity.

On Thursday morning Donald Malone came into school for a polar workshop. The children were fascinated. They loved hearing about Donald's adventures on 'bird Island' near the south pole and looking at photos of the animals he saw.  The children enjoyed looking at the different bones of whales, seals, penguins and many more. The workshop ended with some games outside, where they acted out different animal actions and formed a penguin huddle. I was very impressed by the children's knowledge. Thank you Donald for visiting, the children will certainly remember this for many years! 

Polar Workshop with Donald

Ribble Discovery Centre at Fairhaven Lake

Visitors from Accrington Railway Station


The Colour of Home


This week has been book week and we have focused on the book 'The Colour of Home' by Mary Hoffman.  We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Hassan and his journey to England. We are amazed at the wonderful writing produced by all of the children this week.  We have  also designed new front covers and blurbs for the story.

As well as learning about Hassan through his story we  learned all about Somalia. We have located it on a map and where it is within the continent of Africa.  We have compared the climate  and ways of life to living in Ansdell. Imagining that a new pupil from a different country joined our class we thought carefully about what we could do to help them settle in and the information we would share with them. 

In P.E we learned some new dance moves. We focused on the dhaanto, learning some key moves and creating our own sequences. 

We even had time to enjoy the snow and make instruments out of different materials in preparation of our music concert!!!!

Week Beginning 19h February

Welcome back, we hope you have had a lovely half term holiday!  

This week we have started learning about fractions in Maths. The chidren are really beginning to understand fraction of shape and number and they are now applying their knowledge to word problems. We have also started learning about 'Instructions' in English. We have looked at different written instructions and discussed the features that they all have.  Children also worked in groups to read instructions for an outside game. They then had to try and play the game without little support from the staff. Afterwards the children had to say how good the instructions were and explain how they would improve the instructions if they were to write them again. The children also listened to verbal instruction about how to play hopscotch. Again the children had to discuss problems that occured.

In our topic work we have started our Design and Technology topic 'puppets'. We looked at different types of puppets and discussed how the puppets worked, moved and the materials they were made from.

Week Beginning 5th February

This week we have written our own 'Goldilocks' story with a twist. We changed the characters, settings and even the objects that were broken! You will enjoy reading these when you look through our books at parents evening. In Maths we have been looking at 2.D and 3.D shapes. We have been learning the names and the properties of these shapes, such as vertices, edges, faces and even symmetry. Please, please can you continue to discuss this at home.

This week we continued to look at Lowry'artwork. We looked at the matchstalk men and women and the shape of the bodies. We then tried making the shapes using clay.

We have worked really hard again this half term and deserve a relaxing break.


Week Beginning 29th January

Goldilocks visited us on Tuesday morning. She apologised for eating the bear's porridge. She asked us to write letters on her behalf to the bear's explaining why she was so sorry and asking them for forgiveness. We also looked at an alternative version of Goldilocks. After we wrote the story from Goldilocks perspective.

In Maths we have been learning about division. We have been using our times tables to work out how many groups we can make. The children were so good towards the end of the week they were solving mixed division and multiplication problems.

In topic we were looking at objects from the past and comparing them with how they look today and how the

initial invention has been developed over the years. We then had the opportunity to design our own invention. All the designs have been entered into a competition.

Week Beginning 22nd January

We continued to look at Multiplication this week. We have been solving problems and discussing with our partner how we have solved it. In Literacy we have been reading the traditional tale 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children discovered three bowls of porridge in their classroom. We realised that Goldilocks had visited so Detective Hooke asked us to write wanted posters so that we could find her. We also wrote the beginning, middle and ending of the story. In art we continued to learn about 'Lowry'. We looked at the buildings in the paintings and draw our own. We also looked at the matchstick people and used charcoal to draw these too. Finally we cut these out and arranged them and glued them to our background.

Week Beginning 15th January

This week we have been learning about multiplication in Maths. We have been counting in 2's, 3's, 5's, 10's and we have started to learn our 4's. Keep practising these at home. We have also looked at arrays and can use these to solve multiplication problems that use unknown multiplication facts.

We have continued to look at Lowry's work and painted the background for our own Lowry industrial scene.

Week Beginning 8th January

Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and are fully recharged. The year 2 staff are raring to go!

We started this half term learning all about L.S. Lowry.  Ask the children to tell you about his life and to discuss his art work. You will be amazed at how much they know!! We not only studied his paintings but we have also started painting landscapes in the style of Lowry and used pencils to draw the buildings that we would have seen in his art work. Next week we are going to look at the matchstalk men and women and try to create our own.


In Maths we have been learning about money. Children have made amounts using the fewest aount of coins but have also been making different values in various ways. We have also  been finding totals and giving change.


The highlight of the week was our visit to 'The Lowry' in Salford. The children absoloutely loved seeing Lowry's actual paintings. The children enjoyed making pencil drawings of his work, while walking around the gallery. Paul, who led the workshop was amazing, he was very knowledgable. The children were a credit to the school as they behaved so well. At the end of the day we even managed to walk to the park next door to the Lowry Gallery to admire the Blue Peter garden. The garden seems so much bigger on T.V!


Photos to follow.......

Week Beginning 20th November

This week we have been learning about subtraction in Maths. We have used base ten to help us subtract the ones and tens. We have even started to exchange!

In English we have started writing a non-chronological report about Fairhaven Lake. We have even included a glossary and index!

In topic we have been looking at local History. We have compared photographs of Fairhaven Lake and Ansdell High Street, then and now.

In ICT we have started to use microsoft word. The children have been experimenting with font size, style and colour.

                               Week Beginning 13th November


In RE we have been investigating what gifts are for.

Can you guess what we are trying to express? ...patience/kindness/excited/joyful/thankful/surprise.


 This week in Literacy  we have been looking at non-chronological reports and discussing the features. We have been looking at      non-fiction texts and answering questions that we had thought of. Next week week we are going to start writing our own Non-chronological texts about Fairhaven lake.

In Maths we have been adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers from 2 digit numbers using base ten and jottings. Ask your child to explain. Next week we are going to subtract numbers when we have to swap the tens for ones. That is when the fun will really  begin!!

This week has been anti- bullying week. This topic is regularly discussed and is an area that at Ansdell we take very seriously. The children have enjoyed listening to a debate about bullying on 'Newsround' and sharing their views.

Today the children have enjoyed coming into school with wacky hair, raising money for children in need. The children had so much fun and I think the teachers secretly did too!!

Week Beginning 6th November

We hope you had a lovely half term.

Our first week back was busy. On Monday afternoon the fire service came in and told us how to get out of our house safely in the event of a fire. All the children were fascinated and by all accounts went home ensuring a fire plan was in place!

On Wednsday afternoon we walked to Fairhaven Lake to look at the amenities available but to also map out the play park. We had a lovely time and all children were very well behaved. A credit to the school and to their parents!

Week Beginning Monday 9th October

Monday 3rd July

What a busy week!

Cuerden Valley - 2017

We had fun messing about by the river!

Sports Day 2017 - Wow we had so much fun!

Picnic on the field. Yum, Yum these cheese and ham rolls are delicious!

Monday 12th June

This week we have been doing lots of problem solving with measures, addition and subtraction. The children are having to apply all their knowledge to reason with problems. In English we have been learning the classic poem 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat'. The children have amazed me as most of them can remember it off by heart! Erik brought in a shilling to show everybody what a shilling looks like as it is mentioned in the poem.  We also studied the poem and looked for new vocabulary and words that rhymed. In Art we made salt dough and moulded them into little characters from the poem. Next week we are going to paint them and try and use them to make an animation.

Wednesday 7th June

Wow what a great way to start this half term! The children had an amazing time at the zoo. We saw so many different animals. The children really enjoyed the bird and sealion shows. The lesson we had on the amazon rainforest was awsome. The children really impressed me on all their facts! I think the highlight for most of the children was to actually hold a large cockroach! The children were so well behaved and were a credit to our school.

Monday 22nd May

Outdoor learning week

How lucky were we this week with the weather! The sun shined every day which allowed us to enjoy our learning outside. We also designed and made our own hand puppets. Miss Holman was so impressed that so many of us chose to sew our puppets together.

In the afternoons the children completed five different activities. One of the activities was Literacy. We described natural materials and wrote poetry based on objects we found in the school garden.

Look at our weaving. They are all very different!

We had to really concentrate. We realised that when we weave it is the same action as the running stitch - Up and down, up and down.

We had a fabulous morning at 'Granny's Bay'. The children enjoyed scavenging for natural materials found on the beach and in the marshes.

We enjoyed making our puppets. We are so proud of them!

Monday 15th May

I am so proud of the children this week as they coped so well with their assessments.

(We like to call them quizzes!!!) They all tried their best and that is all we can ask of them. Well done Year 2!

In the afternoons we started our Design and Technology project on 'Puppets'. The children attached two pieces of fabric together by gluing and sewing.


We had fun learning how to sew. We learned how to sew the  'running stitch' and the 'over stitch'

We made finger puppets by using a basic template and decorating it to make it look like an animal or person. We attached the felt with glue. 

Monday 24th May

Money, Money, Money.... Makes me happy!!!

Over the last two weeks we have been looking at money in Maths. We have used different coins to make different values. For example we tried making 38p as many different ways as we could. We have also been problem solving, by working out which items we could buy with a certain amount of money. By the end of the week we were looking at change. If you can practise money at home or give your child some coins to buy something at the shop then this will really help them!! In English we have continued our topic on 'animal stories'. Thank you for the loan of all the Beatrix Potter books the children are really enjoying th stories.

Monday 27th March

What musical children we have!! The children and staff had a wonderful time Wednesday afternoon entertaining the parents, Grandparents and friends with their musical talents. The Year 2's were fabulous on their recorders and the final song 'Happy' made be happy and very proud of the childen at Ansdell Primary School.

Monday 20th March

This week we have gone 'Time' Mad!!!! We have been telling the time and setting the time to the nearest 5 minutes.  We can tell the time to the hour aswell as past the hour. We even solved time problems working out 1 hour forward and 1 hour back. With more practise at home we will all be King and Queen of time!!! Maybe your child could set the clocks in your house as we move the clocks forward an hour this weekend!!

Monday 13th March

The highlight of our week was our Educational Visit to 'Preston Train Station'. We walked from school to Ansdell Station. While we were waiting Mrs Cornforth showed us all the lovely gardens that she has been working on and told us a little bit about the history of the station. When the train arrived, we found a seat in the carriage and Brian and Emily gave us an I-spy sheet so that we could look out for different Human and physical features. The train conductor even came and looked at our tickets!

Once we were at the station we were split into 3 groups to complete 3 different activities. The tasks were: discussing safety at the train station (we even got to go in a police van!), looking for objects around the station and finally drawing geographical features onto a large scale map of our journey from Ansdell to Preston.

We really enjoyed this trip!

During the week we have also been looking at analogue clocks and telling the time past and to the hour. Any extra support at home on this objective would be appreciated.

 Monday 6th March

This week we have been busy making vehicles. We made three different vehicles by assembling our axles and wheels to our chassis in different ways. We now understand that either the axle has to move or the wheels to enable the vehicle to move. Towards the end of the week we were given the challenge to design and make our own moon buggy for Bob the astronaut. (A book which we have been reading in our English lessons) We had great fun using all the skills we had learned in previous lessons and appyling it to our models. Miss Holman was very impressed with how well children worked independently but also how well they worked as a team; helping each other out by suggesting ideas and holding models steady while the other child sellotaped parts together.

I think you will agree the models looked fantastic. Each model was very unique!

Book Week

Click here to find out what fantastic activities your child has been participating in during Book Week.

Monday 6th February


Do all plants need soil?

We have been helping Mrs Cornforth to turn over the compost in the school allotment, ready to plant vegetables. On another Friday we planted snowdrop bulbs and this week we went to observe the growing Spring bulbs in the garden. In class we planted cress seeds in different media. This week we noticed the seeds in the compost, soil and water germinated but didn't in the gravel, stones, sand, cotton wool, sawdust or nothing at all.

Below are are a few photographs. Can you see the few germinating seeds in the water?

Monday 30th January

In Maths this week, we have been using our times tables to solve mixed multiplication and division word problems. Prehaps this weekend you may have some time to make up your own!  As we do not send homework, I do ask thet you continue to keep revising the 2, 3, 5 and 10 multiples. The children are pretty good at them but some children just need to become more confident with multiples of 3. In English we have been looking at using the words 'While' and 'As' for subordination of time. Ask your child, they will tell you all about it. In topic we continue learning about explorers. This week we made Christopher Columbus' ship, the 'Santa Maria' using lego, play dough and junk!

Monday 23rd January

This week we have been writing our instructions for our playground games. We had to remember to include lots of features, such as imperative verbs, time words and even adverbs!! The children did an amazing job of writing very clear instructions. On Thursday, in groups, the children took out some Reception children and read them their instructions for their game. The Year Two children explained their games extremely well and fun was had by all!! (Well, maybe not Mrs Hooke, who had to stand outside in the cold for the entire morning!)

In Maths the children have been looking at multiplication. The children understand that multiplication is just repeated addition and that it doesn't matter which way round the calculation is written. By the end of the week the children were easily answering word problems and using an array to solve the multiplication problems.

In topic we have been looking at 'Explorers'. This week we have been learning about the adventures of 'Christopher Columbus'. We are going to try making his ship next week. Please bring in any empty cardboard containers.

Monday 16th January

The week started off 'roaringly'!! We had a wonderful time listening to Rob the dinosaur expert. We learned all about fossils and about the different types of dinosaurs.

In maths we have been learning about 3.D shapes. We looked at the shapes and discussed their names and their properties. In literacy we continued with our topic 'Instructions'. We set to work on our challenge to design a outdoor playground game. We had so much fun being creative! Next wek we are going to write the instructions down so we can read them out to the younger children.

Monday 9th January 2017




This week has been busy as usual. We have started new topics for this half term. Mrs Colligan E-mailed us asking if we would invent some new playground games to teach the younger children as we now have a larger,  resurfaced playground. We set straight to this challenge. We read  and followed instructions for playground games already invented and then we had to evaluate how good the instructions were and how easy they were to follow to play the game. We also watched a video on playing hopscotch. We all had an opportunity to play the game. Afterwards we discussed how easiy or difficult it is to follow verbal instructions. Next week should be exciting as the children will be working in groups to make up their own playground game.


In Maths the children have been learning about 2.D shapes. We have been learning the names for 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 sided shapes. Perhaps you could look for these shapes in you house and ask your child to name them. We have also been learning about symmetry. We cut and folded shapes to find out if they had at least one line of symmetry.

Mr Crossley also came in this week to talk about the History of Ansdell School. The children were interested to know that when the school was first opened it was called 'Commonside Primary School' and the children didn't have to wear  school uniform!

In ICT we have been focussing on sending an E-mail to a character from a story book. Perhaps you could show your child how you can E-mail or text another member of your family living in a different house. 

Please continue to hear your child read for 10 minutes each night. Please ask them questions about the text to ensure they understand what they are reading. In Maths can you countinue to learn the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.

Monday 19th December

This week we got into the Christmas Spirit. On Monday morning we had a Christmas film morning followed by Christmas lunch. On Tuesday morning we had fun getting messy, making our Christmas cards and calendars. In the afternoon we had our Christmas party, we played party games and ate lots of party food! We were so lucky as Father Christmas came and gave us all a present! On Thurday we were so impressed by the Year 6 children as the retold the Christmas story in church.

Merry Christmas Everyone and have a Happy New Year!

Have a relaxing Christmas and I look forward to seeing everyone in January 2017.

Monday 12th December

What a fun week we have had! I have a class full of fabulous actors, singers and dancers. I think you will agree with me that the children were wonderful. I felt very proud of the children so I know you will be!

What I absolutely loved seeing was a smile on every child's face. 

In the mornings the children have had to contain their excitement while they wrote their traditional tales with a twist. The stories were all very imaginative and all the children managed to add an element of surprise to their writing.

Next week Year 2 will read their stories to the Reception children. They are in for a treat!

Monday 5th December

The stage is up! This week we have spent most of our mornings rehearsing in the hall ready for our performance next week.

In the afternoons we have been using base 10 apparatus to add and subtract numbers. The children have also listened to the story of Cinderella and with a partner made a story map. We then discussed how we could change the story slightly. In partners they identified at least 2 changes they would make to the story. Next week the children will be writing their own Cinderella story but with a TWIST!!

In our topic work we have been talking about what we think Ansdell may have looked like over 100 years ago. Next week we are going to use different types of evidence to find out this information.

Monday 28th November

This week has been very busy. We started to learn about the artist 'Lowry'. We have learned all about his life and looked closely at his work. We enjoyed drawing industrial scenes, using charcoals, in the style of Lowry. We also liked listening to the song 'Matchstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs'.

On Wednesday we went to the 'Lowry Art Gallery' in Salford to look at Lowry's actual paintings. The workshop was amazing, the lady taught us so much. I was really impressed with how the children concentrated for so long while they were drawing different aspects of Lowry's work. We were really surprised to hear that Lowry's favourite holiday destination was Lytham St Annes. He has even painted a picture!! Can you find it on the internet?

On Thursday we spent the morning making Rocky Road cakes. We followed instructions and we made sure we added the correct amount of ingredients. It was really important we weighed out our ingredients and made sure we didn't get grams and kilograms confused. We know there are 1000 grams in 1 kilogram.  We were making these Rocky Road cakes to sell at our Christmas Fair. Fingers crossed that we sell them to cover the cost of the ingredients and to make a profit!!

Monday 14th November 2016

This week we have started singing and acting out our Nativity play. Everyone has something to say so please do practise your lines at home.  Not only that but Mrs Lunio came in again for Zumba. We are hoping to perform a Zumba dance for you in our Nativity . On Thursday we had our first German lesson. Mrs Rangeley filmed us. Look how hard we are trying!!

Monday 7th November

First week back and yet another fun filled week! On Monday afternoon Councillor Redcliffe came in and talked to us about how he and 'The Friends of Ansdell , designed the park next to our school. We enjoyed listening to him and we found the plans of the park very interesting! This week we also looked at maps of the local area and located green space that could be used for a play area. We discussed the importance of location as we needed our park to be located near Schools and Nurseries so it would be used. We thought the grassy area opposite Heyhouses school and next to the Victoria Pub would be ideal. We set to work and designed some amazing parks and even included a 'key'.   

On Thursday afternoon Doctor Lunio came in and discussed 'Healthy Eating' and the importance of exercise . We enjoyed asking her questions and listening to the answers. Doctor Lunio even taught us some Zumba!!!!! How amazing it that. A Doctor that can teach you Zumba!!!!

Monday 24th October
Creative Arts Week

Thursday afternoon we collaged scarecrows. We took our time to cut out materials to the correct shape and size. It was tricky and sticky!!

On Thursday Mrs Woodhouse came in with her daughters to focus on Art.  We had fun making different mini beasts out of reclaimed materials. Can you guess what they are?

On Wednesday a dance company came in and did some dancing with us. She was amazing! She really got us thinking about using our body in different ways to represent different things in the environment.

Our topic this half term is printing. We used a polystyrene print block and using a pencil scratched out a picture of a landmark from our local area. We then used some bright colours to print over our bubble printing. We got very messy! You should have seen the mess Mrs P was in!!!

Look at our Art work. Can you see how amazing we are at using water colours? We even named our art work!

On Monday we looked at Artists  work on 'African sunsets'. We then used a range of medium including water colours to create our own. Our Art work has been taken away to be mounted and will be displayed in the hall for us to buy.  

The Lazy Mondays

We started off the week by listening to the Lazy Mondays. We got to listen to different songs throughout the decades. They were super cool and we had so much fun singing and dancing along!

Monday 24th October

Creative Arts Week

Monday 26th September

Over the last couple of weeks we have been reading lots of Katie Morag stories. We have had fun discussing the stories and drawing story maps. This week we have planned our own stories based around a similar theme as Katie Morag and the mail. Next week we will be using our story maps to write our own narratives. Over the last couple of weeks we have also been talking about nouns, adjectives and noun phrases! I hope your children are wowing you with all their knowledge.

In Maths we have been looking at place value; discussing how many hundreds, tens and ones are in a number. We have also been rounding numbers to the nearest tens number. Ask the children the rounding rule! This week we have been working out where numbers would be placed on a number line and some of us have been having to halve numbers to work this out! In mental maths we have been learning our number facts to 20, for example 17 + 3, 5 +15 all 21 facts need to be known very quickly. We have also been learning our 3 times table.

Please make some time at home to practise number facts to 20 and 3 times table.  


Welcome to year 2     The class of 2016 -17


This week we have enjoyed a fantastic week of Science. We started the week by exploring different areas of science within various classrooms, from creating parachutes and eruptions. We then explored how we could create structures within an architecture session, building a very impressive pyramid. We then finished the week off by exploring forces in PE, and had the chance to take part in some exciting sports like javelin and golf. As well as this we also experienced air resistance and how this can slow us down when we run.

Enter text...


This week we have had a couple of days traveling the seven continents in our 'Super Learning Days'. We traveled to Africa, Asia, Australia and South America, experiencing and learning all abut the different cultures there. We had a fantastic time and would like to go back soon!



We have explored time in our maths sessions this week, with the Year 1 children looking at o'clock and half past times, while the Year 2 children looked at telling the time to 5 minutes. We also developed our language to describe position and direction and enjoyed using this to navigate our partners around the hall.



This week we have taken every opportunity to develop our learning outside in the wonderful sunshine. We have been recording videos on the iPads for our information books as well as tasting lots of different fruits for our fruit salads. On Friday we practised our rolling skills and enjoyed aiming at pins and buckets.



This week we have looked at a huge range of different skills in all our lessons. We used our computing skills to create about plants on the iPads, we drew on top of our prints to explore texture and colour and we also measured lengths and weights of objects within the classroom to solve an investigation.



This week has been Book Week! We have enjoyed a huge range of activities to help us learn about poetry as well as learning how to write our own poems. We created Kenning Poems about animals and had to guess what everyone had written about. We also enjoyed a visit from an author who told us all about what it was like to be a poet and even read us some of her books!



After a lovely half term we have come straight back into exploring a range of new topics. We have been very lucky to have the chance to explore microscopes and to link this to our Plant topic from last half term. We all enjoyed looking at a range of materials close up and wrote about what they looked like. We have used the iPads in English to retell the story of Jack and the Beans Stalk, which you can see here. We started our new topic of printing in art and enjoyed experimenting with a range of objects to print with and then looking at everyone else's work saying which we liked and why.



This week has been all about eSafety and we have explored which eSafety rules we need to think about and use. We enjoyed watching KS2 perform an eSafety play as well as listening to eSafety stories that year 5 had written. We have had a great week and all know how we can stay safe when using technology.



We have had a very practical and exciting week in Year 1/2. We have explored 2D and 3D shapes by sorting and drawing, as well as searching around school during a shape hunt. We have also enjoyed playing a range of phonic games which have helped us to understand alternative spellings for sounds as well as helping us recognise tricky words.

Week 16


This week in Maths we have explored weight. We used a range of scales and weights to compare objects and even found out how much we weighed. In English we have been carrying on with instructions and had to follow them to make a crab. We then wrote our own instructions to help other people make one as well. In Music we have enjoyed exploring our range and love to sing the 'Ping Pong' song to warm up our voices. Watch below and see if you can keep up!

Week 15

We have carried on our work exploring Pablo Picasso and looked closely at the colours that we can use. We were also practising our mark making with a brush, concentrating on how we control the brush. In Science we planted some seeds and wrote instructions about how we did this. We will be watching them closely over the next few weeks to see if they grow!

Week 14


This week Mr Maclean has been helping to teach Year 1/2. We have explore the work of Pablo Picasso and how he used to create portraits in a different way. We created our own Picasso portraits using pencils to colour and cutting out eyes and ears for the features.

Week 13

This week in Maths we have been concentrating on our addition, subtraction and times tables skills. We have played lots of games to practise our skills then moved on to solving problems. In English we have been researching recounts and are beginning to write our own sentences in past tense. We were very lucky to have Sports4All in to teach us about dodge ball and to help us develop our team work skills.

Week 12

Everyone in Year 1/2 has worked extremely hard this term and are ready for a rest over the Christmas Holidays. We have learnt a range of new mathematical knowledge as well as developing our writing . All the children put on a wonderful performance for the Christmas production and finished the year off with a fantastic KS1 party and morning at St Pauls Church.


There is no homework for over the Christmas holidays. If you feel like you would like to keep practicing over the holidays, the Year 1/2 High Frequency words can be downloaded above to practice the reading and spelling of, as well as 'MyMaths' and 'Espresso' links above in the Curriculum folder.


All the staff in Year 1/2 hope you have a happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Week 10

This week in Maths we have learnt all about money. We have played lots of games to help us learn the value of each coin and even started to add coins together. In English we changed the characters in 'The Ginger Bread Man' and designed our own food character. We then created story maps to help us retell the story, develop our oral language and improve our story telling skills. Once we had created these, we used the iPads to record our new stories. Watch the video below to see all of our hard work.

Week 8


This week we have learnt all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. We made story maps of the event and created poems using descriptive language we collected watching our own bonfire. We have also learnt all about times tables and how we can work out our two times tables to answer questions.

Week 7

This week we have gone animal crazy. We started by learning all about animals who live in the school playground and hunting for them. We also had very special visitors in class and learnt all about the different animals from warm climates. We were very excited to meet three Meerkats, who enjoying exploring our classroom, as we had been learning and writing all about them.

Click here to see our Meerkat madness

We also decided to release our butterflies into the wild. We loved learning and watching their life cycle, and were sad to see them leave our classroom.

Week 6


We have had great fun this week learning about adjectives and using different toys to help us collect them. We also learnt how we could use adjectives in a sentence to make them more exciting to a reader. We also used a range of equipment to help us understand subtraction and moved onto recording these in our books.

Week 5

This week we learnt how we can use our number skills to create a board game, concentrating on counting forwards and backwards in different steps. In our Art lesson we explored how we could create different marks when painting, and looked at paintings by Jackson Pollock. His pictures taught us that not all paintings need to look like something but can show how you feel. We had lots of fun painting in his style and using our emotions and colours to create a painting, as well as getting a little messy.

Week 4

We have had a very creative week exploring 'The Gruffalo' and acting out the story on the stage. We then started to plan our own stories using the mouse as our main character. We have worked very hard on our addition skills and solved lots of problems, as well as exploring maps to identify the seven different continents around the world. Next week is Maths Week, which means we will be exploring lots of different aspects of maths throughout the week.

Week 3

This week we have explored how we can measure the lengths of objects. We have also used < and > to compare numbers and different measures. Spellings have been sent home this week to be practiced at home. Year 1's will have a test every Friday while the Year 2's will be tested on Wednesdays. The Year 1 spellings can be downloaded from the links above if needed.

Week 2

We have been very busy again in Year 1/2  this week. We have been exploring tens and ones as well as looking at one more and one less than. Our Year 2's even looked at ten more and less than. We started our topic work of 'Penguins, Possums and Pigs' by exploring all different types of weather and becoming weather presenters. Next Friday we will be bringing spellings home to practice.

Welcome back!

We have had a very busy week in Year 1/2 learning all about place value and adjectives. Have a look at all our pictures below. Next week we will be starting to work in our phonics and guided reading groups.

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Year 1/2 2014-2016


Can you spot where you are and describe all the many ways you can learn and have fun at the seaside?




Educational visit to the Ribble Discovery Centre. What an exciting day looking for creatures in their natural habitats. Oh what fun mud dipping, building sandcastles, climbing the big one and listening to different birds. A wonderful way to end our topic and year! 

Have fun and stay safe during your holidays.


Mrs Rangeley, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Simmons and Mrs O'Sullivan.






To support all numeracy skills children are really getting to grips with the ixl website. 

https://uk.ixl.com/math/ if you have time please click on the link and take a look.

July 10th 2015


In numeracy we have been trying really hard to learn to tell the time: Year 2 to the nearest 5 minutes and to the quarter hour in Year 1. Although we have found this tricky, we have practised in different ways by making watches and playing games on ICT to help us read time.

In literacy we have shared Emily Gravett's Meerkat Mail and Alfie's Adventure both stories have inspired the children to write Meerkat facts and their very own Meerkat adventure story.

We have been very busy in class, exploring different animals and their habitats. We have carried out a science investigation, learning whether snails are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. We worked so well, we were even able to find time to race the snails!

                                                                                                                      July 3rd 2015




Summer Term 


It has been lovely to enjoy the recent (short) spell of sunny weather and spend time in the school gardens, as nature detectives bug collecting and naming some of the beautiful plants in full bloom. Here are some of the wonderful pictures our class have taken with the ipads.


Summer Term


                       Bravely and carefully handling creatures from the Creepy Crawly road show. 


 Week 4

 Year 2 are fast becoming experts on the features of writing a report. Children are almost finished writing about the human body and they are looking at ways they can extend their sentences and use different types of punctuation. Year 1 have labelled diagrams of the five senses and we have all had fun 

testing some of our senses in class this week.  We discovered that it can be tricky doing things without them! We tasted different flavours of crisps and some of us found it tricky, if we were unable to use our sense of smell or sight to help us.


Week 3

In Beech’s class this week we have been very busy sowing seeds to grow our own vegetables. We are sequencing the pictures to help us write about how we did this.

Also this week we have been working hard using sound buttons and robot arms in phonics (Polly and Hayden).

Everyone has been hard at work practising all the different sounds in real and nonsense words. Hayden and Polly are our well deserving stars of the week, for all their hard work and super sounds. The link below will enable you to access and practise phase 5 sounds. Many are free, but some require parents to register too.



Sam gave the class a surprise when he brought an empty bird's nest in for us to feel and talk about. This is what he told us...

We were cutting the trees and Daddy called me and he said to me. “Sam come quickly.” I came to him and I saw the bird's nest but there weren’t any birds in, so I asked my Mum if I could bring it to school.


Week 2

As part of our topic work we have been looking at what is inside our bodies and the job of the skeleton. Many children have brought some wonderful and very interactive books from home, which we have all enjoyed sharing, thank you.

Very well done to our stars of the week Ruby and Angus for their superb vocabulary decribing Mr Men characters.


Week 1

We have enjoyed a busy first week back at school and we are very excited about our new reading scheme. Well done to Esme our star reader of the week.

We are trying really hard to read and write numbers to 100 and beyond, so Sam is our other star of the week for all his hard work in numeracy. 

                                                                                                 Summer Term 1

Week 5

This week we are celebrating science week. We have a lot to look forward to!

In key stage 1 we have had a super science learning day and will have a visit from a mad scientist.

Click here for updates throughout the week.


Week 3

I am pleased because I have star of the week for my writing. ( Marcus)

I have played a Dr Seuss game on the laptop. (Scott)

I love school because I like all the challenges. (Mya)

I love school because I am star of the week for my writing. (Izzy)




Week 2

We certainly had energetic start to the week with Sports for School. After that we were a 'go, go, go, go!' For a Dr Seuss inspired book adventure, sharing stories and quotes.  


Week 1

Welcome to our new and improved webpage, which we aim to use to bring you regular updates and blogs about news hot out of the classroom. We hope you enjoy sharing in our learning. 

This week we measured our feet with a ruler in centimetres.                                                       (Ava Wilson)

This week I have been busy writing story books. I even think about them in bed. I feel like an author!       (Mylah Woodvine Y1)

In 1969 Neil Armstrong's famous words were. "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!"        (Ted Thompson Y2)

At school I liked learning about centimetres. we measured our feet.                                            (Ellie Tyler  Y1)


Yr1/2 gymnastics - exploring the apparatus.