School Uniform


                   All uniform items specific to school, are available from the school office.


                            Please click here for a printable order form or collect one from the office. 

Winter Uniform (optional in summer)


Grey trousers

white shirt

maroon and silver grey tie

maroon pullover/sweatshirt

black shoes (no trainers please)


Grey pinafore dress, skirt or trousers

white shirt/blouse

maroon and

silver grey tie

maroon cardigan or sweatshirt &

black flat shoes (no trainers please)


* Infant age children do not have to wear ties with shirts and may wear polo shirts all year.


Optional – School Coats/Fleeces


Summer Uniform (optional may be worn April - September)


White polo shirt with collar.


Pink and white gingham dress or any dress within the pink to maroon colour range.


Baseball caps and School Homework/Reading bags also available from the office.


Large school bags are discouraged due to storage space.



P.E. and Games


PE drawstring bags are available from the office.


School P.E. T-shirt

Maroon shorts with

Black pumps


Juniors are advised to wear trainers for outdoor games.


In winter, tracksuits can be worn  - school tracksuits available from the office, otherwise plain maroon, black or navy tracksuits may be worn.


All clothing including shoes and plimsolls should be clearly marked with your child’s name. It is also helpful if coats have hooks for hanging on pegs.


Jewelry should not be worn to school. The only exception is earrings, if required because your child has recently pierced ears, but these must be small plain stud earrings and your child needs to be able to remove these for PE for safety. If you are having your child’s ears pierced, please try to do so at the beginning of the 6 week summer holidays. This way they will not have to miss out on their curriculum PE entitlement.


Watches may be worn, but school cannot take responsibility for the loss these, so it is recommended that no valuable watches are worn.