At Ansdell we love to take part in Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport. We offer a wide range of sports and clubs for our children such as:







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Check out our Twitter page to see pictures of the children taking part in PE, Physical Activity and Sports throughout the year. 






Well done to our Year 2 children who entered the KS1 Athletics Competition! 2nd Place - We're very proud of you all!!



Fantastic start to the year with our Year 5/6 football team!!!! 

Ansdell v Clifton

A Team 4:2

B Team 2:1


Ansdell v AKS

A Team

B Team


Wow! Our Y5/6 Netball team have also started this year with a fantastic game! 

Ansdell v Clifton

A Team 6:6


Ansdell v AKS

A Team 4:7

B Team 2:4