About TechFuture Girls - TechFuture Girls

About TechFuture Girls

 A girls’ club with proven effects on classroom performance

TechFuture Girls (formerly know as CC4G) is an out-of-the-box after-school club that has been specifically designed to encourage girls to stay engaged in IT.

It helps girls develop their skills in IT through a series of carefully-graded challenges, themed around their interests – like fashion, music, sport and celebrity. Running TechFuture Girls doesn’t need any specialist IT expertise or software, it’s fully curriculum-compliant, and girls love it.

It supports girls’ learning in IT and across the curriculum, and benefits their confidence and self-esteem.

Tried, Trusted, Successful

Since 2005, more than 150,000 girls in over 4,500 schools have experienced TechFuture Girls.

  • 84% of girls involved state they are more likely to consider further education or a career in technology as a result
  • 98% of teachers who run the clubs say that members’ IT confidence levels have improved

“Girls can have a fun club with no boys and no pressure. We play music, some of us dance - everyone helps out each other. We all love it.” TechFuture Girls club facilitator



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