Welcome to Yr4 2017-2018

Yr4 is taught by Mrs Thomas on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Mr Parkinson teaches Thursday and Friday.

They are supported by Mrs Bain and Mrs Bainbridge.




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Booths Award




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Stars of the Week

   Violet                   Haydn

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**********Year 4 2017 - 2018******


The Sound of Music at The Palace Theatre, Manchester.


We all had a fabulous time at the theatre this week! The show lived up to everyone's expectations and the children gave a huge standing ovation at the end. They were suprised how the show was slightly different to the film and that new songs had been added. A few tears were even shed - mainly by the adults! The coach home was not filled with sleepy children, but with the 'sound of music' - with many repeating the songs. What a wonderful experience for everybody!

                       Wonderful Water Cycle Projects!


Tuesday 27th February

This week is book week and we are enjoying reading The Colour of Home by Mary Hoffman. We are exploring a range of cross-curricular activities linked to this wonderful story about a young refugee from Somalia called Hassan. We also love sharing our class set of 'The Week' magazines and telling our friends about fascinating things we have found out! Don't forget to come to school in pyjamas and onesies on Friday for our 'Relax and Read' day and our Story Night with hot chocolate and biscuits from 6pm-7pm.


Happy New Year!

True, false or sometimes statements in Science to promote discussion.

Zones of relevance when looking at themes of the Winter's Child and sentence strips using conjuctions.


Tuesday 16th January

Welcome back! We have had a wonderfully busy start to the new year! Year 4 have started swimming lessons and are really enjoying the experience. In Literacy we are exploring a beautiful book called 'Winter's Child'. The children are fully immersed in writing diary entries, conversations between characters and discussing themes using a zone of relevance. In maths we are tackling fractions and decimals. The children are learning to compare and order fractions, find equivalents and add them together. In science our topic is 'Solids, Liquids and Gases.' We had a lot of messy fun creating oobleck with cornflour and water and discussing it's properties. Finally, we are also trying our hand at golf this half term.


Wednesday 6th December

Have a look at our fantastic Viking Day photos with Bodvar the Viking. We had a fabulous and slightly scary day! We have also been very busy preparing enterprise craft for the Christmas Fair! We hope to see you all on Friday 4pm-6pm to get your sock snowmen and junk mail craft!


WK 2 November 2017 - What a week!

Our English focus, 'writing to inform' with Newspaper articles is well underway and the children are eagerly taking on the roles of  journalists and editors.  In topic we have been especially busy collecting junk mail to REDUCE waste and RECYCLE. We have looked at chronology in history and are researching what life was like in Anglo Saxon Britain. 

Finally, Friday began with times tables X-FACTOR! Who would have thought times tables could be so much fun. Please watch Y4's wonderful video performance. We were also treated to a fun assembly with a very important message about the Power of One in recognising and preventing bullying in school. It was also CRAZY HAIR day for Children in Need. Once again children and grown-ups have made a wonderful effort with their generous donations and creative crazy hairstyles - thank you for your support. 

Wk 1 - November 2017

After a terrific first half term, children have returned  to school after the short break with great enthusiasm and yet more wonderful work. To celebrate their learning in our science topic about sound, EVERYONE gave an amazing demonstration of how they could change the pitch and volume of their homemade musical instruments. Thank you to all the adult helpers (we heard about many talented grandparents) who have made the children so excited to share their projects.

Please see the curriculum map for information about the learning for this half term. A reminder

that we have organised for a historian to run a workshop about the Anglo Saxons on Tuesday

28th November and children are encouraged to come dressed in Anglo Saxon or Viking


Multicultural Week 

During multicultural week, Y4 have been recognising, respecting and celebrating other cultures through music, dance, school, fashion and food. The children compared their  school day with another school in Africa. We have also listened to wonderful show and  tell presentations about how the children's families have experienced other cultures. The Hakka dance was a great team performance. We also prepared an African recipe for Yellow Rice

which was very tasty . 

Our visit to the Museum of Science and Industry

18th October 2017

This week are learning to tell 24hr time using digital clocks. This is quite tricky so please practise with your children as often as you can at home. We are also enjoying our indoor athletics! We are learning many different throwing, jumping and running skills.


Electricity in Action

Friday 29th September


The children are thoroughly enjoying reading the Firework Maker's Daughter in English and learning how to use speech marks. They have also worked hard with mental and written methods of addition. They are loving our electricity and sound topic work and are bringing wonderful things in from home to show!


Everyone is working hard on their homework and learning their spellings - well done!! Check out Eleanor's Blog at the top of our page for a first hand review!


This week we held our first council meetings of the year and discussed lots of exciting things we can do around school. We are also enjoying our extra sports sessions during lunchtimes with AFC Fylde.

Please can we make sure children always have a set of pumps and trainers in school.



A warm welcome to all our new Y4 parents. Your children have all settled wonderfully into their new classroom. They have come back to school with a positive attitude and are raring to go! Thank you to those parents able to make the 'Meet the Teacher' session. All children will have brought home a welcome pack with all the information you should need. There are a few forms in there which we request you sign and return to class. A copy of the document can be found here. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to see either myself or Mrs Taylor at the end of the school day or ring the office to request an appointment. Please take a look at this page regularly to see updates of learning and important information.











**********Year 4 2016 - 2017********



Roaming Along The River (Brock)

A wonderful and thankfully dry day at Waddacar. Year 4 have really impressed the adults today, with great field work linking to our Geography topic about rivers.


Right from the very start of the day, everybody was very keen to answer questions and share their knowledge about the River Wyre. Soon after, we walked down to one of the Wyre's many tributaries, the River Brock.


Once there, in teams the class used equipment to measure the depth and speed of the river. After that, we all went fishing, identifying some of the river's many residents in their natural habitat. Freshwater shrimps, flattened mayfly nymphs and the rather unusual 'cased caddis larva' just some of the species we found. 


After lunch we gathered for an orienteering challenge. Once everybody and got to grips with their maps, they set off to find as many stations as possible. Before we knew it - it was time to leave! Great visit, great teamwork and team spirit. 



Year 4 Super Gymnasts collecting their medals


Summer 1


Welcome back! We are having a very busy half term so far. The children thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Manchester to watch the stage production of Wonderland! The characters were brilliant and the singing was fantastic albeit very loud! What a treat!

The sun is shining just in time for all the sporting activities we are having at the moment. The children have specialist coaches in school each week to experience cricket and tennis. Please make sure children have PE kit in school at all times and trainers if possible.

We also have music sessions on a Wednesday morning with Mr Fitton from Lancashire Music Service. The children are learning a range of skills and around the use of different percussion instruments.

Learning in maths icludes  shape, space and time. Please encourage children to talk about the time and read a range of clocks as much as possible at home over the next few weeks.

Children are also learning the art of debate and discussion in literacy. Try having some debates at home about how much TV children should watch or whether they should be allowed pocket money. Can the children argue the opposite view point?

Children will have SPAG, spellings and My Maths set every week on a Friday this half term. Please can this be completed by the following Thursday so we can discuss it in class.



Spring Term Finale

The Spring term ended in style with a wonderful showcase assembly. Year 3 and 4 combined to entertain a packed audience with a variety of music, drama, and dance. They demonstrated learning from a variety of topics such as Vikings, Myths and Legends, Teeth and Explanations. Year 4 also spent some time perfecting their Daffodil drawing skills to create beautiful Mother's day poetry to take home.


Book Week

Click here to find out what fantastic activities your child has been participating in during Book Week.

Spring 1  - 2017 

Year 4 have so much learning to share this half term. In maths we have proved that fractions can be fun, calculating equivalent fractions and investigating how fractions are an important way of sharing money and food, using real life contexts.  


In English, we have created Haiku poems, dental hygiene leaflets and persuasive letters. We continue to concentrate on using subordinating conjunctions (although, if, while, whenever, unless) to name a few, as well a marking clever clauses with a comma.


Reading skills we have practiced are: using dictionaries to explain the meaning of words in context. We have concentrated on: retrieving information from non-fiction texts, which has help us with our topic work.


We have lots of exciting pictures and examples of work for you to see, on the slide show above. Can you spot your work Year 4? 




Thursday 22nd December


A super busy last few weeks at school have included many festive activities! We got very creative with our enterprise topic making snowflakes and snowmen to sell at the Christmas Fair! We have created beautiful calendars and Christmas cards to take home, had a delicious Christmas dinner. Even Father Christmas came into the playground to visit!! As you can see from the  photos we have been busy peer marking our Viking stories, creating timelines and started IDL on the laptops. The term was rounded off today with a beautiful carol service by KS2. Wishing you all a merry Christmas! See you in 2017

Year 4



Tuesday 22nd November 2016


What a busy start to the final Autumn term. Our current targets for Maths are mental and written multiplication and division and the children are all working hard on the inverse operation. We continue to focus on grammar, punctuation and spelling, alongside author Terry Deary's Viking Tales in English. There are many budding historians in the class too, who are impressing us all with their enthusiasm and amazing effort during our topic work. So far we have dressed up as Vikings, designed and made weapons and jewellery. We have looked at some of the ways the Vikings lived, gathering kindle and wood for building a fire. We tried the ancient flint and steel method for lighting a fire and toasted bread and treated ourselves to marshmallows too. Next we are looking and chronology, especially significant events and people.  



Friday 28th October - Please click here for a copy of the end of half term letter home.

Wednesday 19th October

 This week Year 4 went on a fantastic visit to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. The children thoroughly enjoyed all the 'hands on' learning activities provided for them and were wowed by the 'Air and Space' and Power Rooms. The Circuit City workshop linked well with all the learning children have been completing in the classroom and extended their understanding to dynamos and earth wires. Check out our pictures below.

Friday 7th October

This week we have  been very impressed with Y4's first piece of independent writing. In maths we are making excellent progress with mental calculations and formal column addition method. We have also continued to make and modify our 3d electrical model boats, windmills, lighthouses and army tanks. 

Well done to  William Giddings, for receiving the first Booths award for his hard work and positive attitude to learning.  


Friday 30th September

Year 4 are enjoying our 'Sound' learning and have found out all about Cymatics this week! The children followed this with their own cymatic patterns of sound waves! Very impressive.

Also have a look at our interpretations of The Goddess of the Lake from our class novel.

Letters have been sent home about sound homework for this term and look out for a letter next week for our visit to the museum of Science and Industry.


Friday 16th September


A busy first 2 weeks back at school have introduced all our new topics and lessons for this half term. Children have been explored circuits using our super Brainbox kits, Spanish lessons with Miss Martin and had a basketball taster session. Maths and English lessons are in full swing and class routines are all in place. My Maths has been set and should be completed by next Friday and spellings have gone home. Please can those children who didn't bring spelling books in this week, do so on Monday so that this week's maybe stuck in.

Have a look at some of our learning below.....



Friday 9th September


A warm welcome to all our new Y4 parents. Your children have all settled wonderfully into their new classroom. They have come back to school with a positive attitude and are raring to go! Thank you to those parents able to make the 'Meet the Teacher' session. All children will have brought home a welcome pack with all the information you should need. There are a few forms in there which we request you sign and return to class. A copy of the document can be found here. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to see either myself or Mrs Taylor at the end of the school day or ring the office to request an appointment. Please look at this page regularly to see updates of learning and important information.



*********Year 4  2015 - 2016*********

Year 4

star of the week

class4 on: Year 4

I got star of the week for creating a fantastic musical instrument and confidently presenting it to my class. I was really happy when they called out my name and walked to the front with a smile on my face.

  Anna Walsh


Star of the Week

class4 on: Year 4

I got star of the week for persevering with my division work and asking if unsure. I am very pleased with myself.


***Holly Bond***


class4 on: Year 4

I got my star of the week for reading really carefully and spotting complex sentences.                                                                          I am really pleased with myself.



Star of the Week

class4 on: Year 4

This week I got star of the week. I was so exited. I got star of the week this week because I did really well in classifying triangles. I really enjoyed it.


Erin Hezel xxx

year 4

class4 on: Year 4

I got my star of the week because of my fantastic listening skills and was always putting my hand up and answering questions.

I was very surprised to get star of the week. by Lily 

Star of the week!

class4 on: Year 4

I got Star of the Week for a super start to Year 4, we also had a swimming lesson which was super fun as it was a really good day! :)

Mikolaj S

Star of the week

class4 on: Year 4

I got star of the week for a fantastic start to Year 4, asking questions and actively joining in.We also had our swimming lesson and I loved it.


Star of the week 

Class 4


Sam Lord

I got my star of the week for great enthusiasm and perseverance at Global Renewables  i'm so proud.

                                                    Sam Lord

Water Everywhere

This term our children are fast becoming experts on all things 'water' in particular the journey of a river and the water cycle. Our day trip to Cuerden Valley was full of wonderful practical activities to extend our learning and use a range of equipment for field studies. Izzy was our super learner and all the staff and adults involved with the visit were very impressed with Y4's enthusiasm and team work. The 'duck race' and the 'kick dipping' were great fun! 



Today we celebrated Queen Elizabeth's birthday. Click here to see some of the things we have learned.

Summer 1 Activities

Y4 have recently taken part in many exciting activities. These include the Onsie 1K in which we ran 1 kilometre to raise money for school laptops, an archery workshop and an architecture workshop. We also had a week of science activities in which we made emoji bath bombs, created volcanos, tested for acids and alkalis, and used our skills of observations and testing with nature dials. Finally we made our own torillas, just like the Ancient Mayans! They were delicious! Sadly we also said goodbye to Eva this half term, we will all miss her very much. Good luck in your new school!


Towards the end of the Spring Term, the children in Y4 completed some orienteering activities. They began by creating their own map of the school grounds. This included drawing perimeter shapes, measuring lengths, judging sizes and creating mapping symbols for others to follow. The children then completed a  series of activities using their maps to find clues in order to solve problems. As you can see by the look on some of their faces, this was quite a challenge!



SPANISH DAY February 26th 

We all had a fantastic Spanish day finding out about the region of Andalucia. The children made a wonderful effort with their costumes and enjoyed a day filled with Flamenco dancing, traditional music, Picasso artwork and food tasting. The children learnt how to say whether they liked various foods or not. I wonder if you can tell by their faces?






Global Renewables


Year 4 had a fantastic visit to the Global Renewables Education Centre this half term. They learnt a lot about the 3 Rs - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The trip involved a tour of the amazing site showing the children all the processes our rubbish goes through once it has been collected and how important it is to recycle properly. The children did a great job bringing 'Zero Waste' packed lunches which resulted in Ansdell being top of the leader board!! Well done everyone!! In the afternoon the children enjoyed performing a pantomime called 'Winderella' - Cinderella with a recycling twist! Back in school the children have recycled rubbish into various items including cards and New Year calendars.


Friday 16th October

We have been learning a lot in maths over the last few weeks. Maths week was great fun. We played a range of maths based games to give us inspiration to make our own! We really enjoyed playing them. We also completed a carousel of cross-curricular activities which included maths in science, sport, history and art. This week we have been classifying and sorting triangles using geostrips and Carroll diagrams. Have a look at our learning.


Friday 18th September


What a fantastic start to the new year Year 4 have made! We have been busy exploring our electricity topic, reading The Firework Maker's Daughter, learning about decimals, practising for a Harvest assembly, having our first school swimming lesson, trying our hand at golf, as well as settling into our new routines and systems with ease! Phew!! The list could go on! We are so pleased with everyone's fantastic attitude and behaviour that it was extremely difficult choosing only two Star of the Week children this week. Well done everyone!

Have a look below as we explore circuits. What do you think of our impressive sketches of the Fire-Fiend in the Firework Maker's Daughter?



Welcome to Year 4. It was lovely to see some new Year 4 parents on Friday afternoon. If we missed you, please feel free to drop in after school one day next week if you have any queries. You will find most information that you will need in this welcome pack.      

            Welcome pack

Year 4     2014/15

It has been a wonderful year and I feel very proud to see how far each and every child has come this year.

I also feel very privileged to have been able to give the children in the class the chance to explore a range of experiences and push themselves to learn and develop as individuals.

Everyone within the class has risen to new challenges with enthusiasm, eagerness and a positive attitude.

The Year 3/4 Showcase highlighted the huge range of talents that we have as a class and their ability to share and praise each other for them.

If you would like to watch some of the videos from the Showcase click HERE                                   Mr Knowles

Silent Movies

To finish our North America topic we created Silent Movies. We used the iPads to record our films and has to think carefully about the story line. Click Here to view them all, or watch the example below.

Media conversion failed.

Presentations on a State

This week each table researched a different state in the USA. We researched topics such as weather, landmarks, natural disasters and local dishes. We used iPads to gather our research and created a PowerPoint that we presented to the rest of the class. We all learnt lots of interesting facts and information from each other.


We also started tennis lessons with Luci from Lytham Tennis Club, which are preparing us for a competition in June.

Persuasive language

Over the last few weeks we have been focusing on persuasive language. We have looked at the how the audience, language and information can all help to persuade. This week we created a prospectus for the school, to persuade parents to send their children here.


On Wednesday we had visitors from Myerscough Golf Academy teaching us how to play tri-golf. We played a range of games and enjoyed cheering each other on! Ten children have been selected to take part in a tournament at Myerscough Golf Academy, which will take place next Friday.

Science Week

This week we are celebrating science week. We have a lot to look forward to!

Throughout the week we will be visiting a biology, chemistry and physics lab to carry out lots of fun experiemnts, as well as focusing on the role of science around us.


Click here for updates throughout the week.


Stone Age Cooking

This half term we have been exploring the Stone Age. We have looked at their shelters, diets, cave paintings and how they hunted for food. We decided to create a stone age cooker to roast some of the fruits that homo sapiens would have gathered and eaten. They tasted great!


Once Upon a Time...

Do you think you can write a story with only 100 words? Then click on the link below, download the pupil entry form at the bottom of the page and bring your entries into school by Friday 20th of March.


'Once Upon A Time is a national competition for 7-11 year-olds. We're inviting schools to send their pupils' mini sagas to us. There's the opportunity for pupils to develop their technical and creative writing skills as well as the chance to be published. Plus you can boost awareness of your school's writing talent, and there are great prizes up for grabs for both schools and pupils! A mini saga is a fun method of storytelling telling, where pupils must create a complete story in only 100 words.'


Click here


Sponsored activities

This week we had lots of fun carrying out our sponsored activities. It was hard work doing as many as we could in a minute, but we all tried our hardest. You can see for yourself in the video below.


This week we have focused on communication and team work. In PE we worked on how to communicate effectively, as well as what information we needed to include. At first we found it hard, but after a few attempts we thought more carefully about how we communicated to our partners.


Next week is World Book Week and we will be focusing on the stories and work by Dr Seuss. Below are some of Dr Seuss' famous quotes to get you ready for the week ahead!


Sponsor Form


To download your sponsor form for Sports For Schools click here

Sketch Books


This half term we have been looking at how we can use sketchbooks to develop and evaluate our work as well as taking risks with materials and marks.

We have all enjoyed developing skills in our books and thinking of ideas for our final pieces!


Shrek Podcasts


After our Educational Visit to see Shrek: The Musical, we decided to create Podcasts that could review or promote the musical.

We used audacity to record our voices and mix music in the background to make them more interesting to listen to.

Click on the files below to hear some.


Warning: they may be loud!


Shrek: The Musical


Year 4 went on an educational visit to see Shrek: The Musical at Manchester Palace Theater.

We all loved the show and have been singing our favourite songs in class, as well as creating podcast reviews of the show and persuasive adverts.